Team Yoga


Working out that’s working within

Team Yoga complete training; mental, physical, emotional, spiritual.

The Team Yoga custom program trains the whole person; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Why have we worked diligently to develop such a program? The answer is simple. There are four parts to every athlete. Training ONLY the physical means you are ignoring the other three elements, training only a fraction of you. Even if you train like the NBA MVP the result is imbalance, reduced performance, and greater risk of injury. Only when you train all four elements can you expect and reach your full potential. That’s the Team Yoga way.


Team Yoga integration image

Sure, you can take this thing from here and that thing from there. And while those things may be good on their own they don’t fit together well. Integration means the parts are strong on their own AND stronger as a group – just like a team. These components fit together intelligently and consistently with the others and is time tested. In fact, they were designed to fit together making it easy for you to understand, learn, and retain.


Why Team Yoga?

There are five key differences between Team Yoga and others:

  • Skills – some “teachers” have a weekend of training. Team Yoga teachers have 2,000 and are certified by Washington State!
  • Coaching¬† – 20 years in coaching,¬† Rec Leagues to the NBA. We know your deal and speak your lingo.
  • Complete – our yoga training program covers poses, breath work, nutrition, lifestyle, meditation, and applied philosophy.
  • Safety – our alignment-based practice keeps you stable and injury-free, in the moment and over time.
  • Therapeutics – from sprains and strains to diabetes and high blood pressure, we’re trained to address your condition.
  • Sticky- you learn skills to use when we’re not around. Our program is a lifetime program, it’s around when we’re not.